Hajj & Omrah Peronal Care Kit with Great Discount from Beesline

All what you need of high quality personal care products from Beesline for smooth and peaceful Omrah experience packed in one package. Don’t contain perfumes or scent substances.

Beesline Flavorless Lipstick (4g)
Beesline Beeswax Ointment, Fragrance Free (60 ml)
Beesline Fragrance Free Honey Soap (60 g)
Beesline Fragrance Free Shampoo (100 ml)
Beesline Fragrance Free Deodorant (100 ml)
Free Masbaha

شروط استخدام الكوبون

- All products in one package
- Not possible to replace any item with other items
- When you choose cash paymnet option you must redeem your coupon within 24 hours
- Deals General Terms & conditions applied